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Ed Lewis and ETL Associates, LLC have consistently hit the sweet spot in advancing our agency's business unit efficiency, strategy management competency and collaborative-based processes. Ed has, without fail, demonstrated exceptional prudence and compelling strategy management competencies in successfully orchestrating and facilitating our agency's BSC standup followed by 5 annual strategy refreshes. Ed captained the strategy management framework process whereby our agency has successfully aligned all departmental scorecards with the enterprise level card providing the sought after alignment 'glue' in linking enterprise and department level strategies. Ed's crisp, well-mannered and to-the-point insights are felt from the Boardroom to the deckplate.  In short, Ed Lewis is our agency's BSC MVP for 6 years running!   

Nick Sullivan, (Captain, USN (Ret.), Strategy Director
 Government Sector Agency


We began working with ETL Associates and Ed Lewis in the fall of 2001 to install the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) in our bank.  Over the last eight years the BSC has helped to create a great deal of focus and understanding and has helped the entire organization to buy-in to the process.  Due in large part to the BSC we have easily navigated the greatest recession of our lifetime, and 2009 was the most profitable year in the history of the bank.  Selecting the Balanced Scorecard and ETL Associates for our strategic planning process was the best decision we have made in my 38 year career!

Jim Barnett Jr., Chairman
Peoples Bank,
Cuba, Missouri


ETL Associates has been invaluable in assisting Wallis Companies to effectively develop, implement, and cascade the Balanced Scorecard.  We introduced the Balanced Scorecard in 2000 and it has been an excellent tool to help us integrate new growth and keep our entire organization aligned and focused on our key goals and objectives.

Rachel W. Andreasson, Executive VP Marketing
Wallis Companies


Ed Lewis, President of ETL Associates, LLC, facilitates our Leadership Team monthly through an all day review of our monthly performance using the Strategic Focus Organization approach.  In using Ed and this approach, we have seen significant improvement in results derived from a more focused and aligned Leadership Team and organization.  We are extremely pleased with what Ed and the BSC process has done for us.

Randy Fulkerson, Chairman
Martin & Bayley, Inc.


In spite of the fact Peoples Bank has been a high performance bank for many years according to industry standards, we continually look for ways to improve our efficiency while giving exceptional service.  When we got acquainted with Ed Lewis and became familiar with the Balanced Scorecard concept, we were convinced BSC would help us move to a higher level of performance.  Ed and the Balanced Scorecard program have given us the system to fulfill our mission and achieve our vision.

Ken Holland, President
Peoples Bank


ETL Associates has been invaluable in assisting Wallis Companies to effectively develop, implement, and cascade the Balanced Scorecard.  Ed Lewis has helped us achieve superior performance by involving and teaching our people through the scorecard process.

Mark Martinovich, Chief Operating Officer
Wallis Companies

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