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Balanced Scorecard Executive Briefings---Customized briefing sessions to introduce Executive Teams to the Balanced Scorecard methodology. Sessions are typically designed for two to four hour sessions.

Balanced Scorecard Training Workshops---Standard package workshops designed to provide an understanding of the steps required for a successful Balanced Scorecard Management System development and implementation. The sessions are interactive and are designed for one and a half days. Workshops designed for specific steps in the process (such as measurement training) are also available.

Balanced Scorecard Development and Implementation---Consulting facilitation services provided to guide an organization step by step through the development and implementation of a Balanced Scorecard Management System.

Balanced Scorecard Management Meeting Facilitation---Services provided to lead periodic Balanced Scorecard management review meetings. Most success with the Balanced Scorecard is with organizations that use the process as the basis of their strategic management system. These organizations have monthly management meetings to fully leverage the power of the Balanced Scorecard.

Balanced Scorecard Executive Coaching---One-on-One Executive Coaching, either virtual and/or onsite, with  a seasoned ETL veteran to provide the Executive with crucial feedback on the journey of making the Strategy Management process a success.

Balanced Scorecard Audit----Services provided to perform an audit assessment of an organization’s Balanced Scorecard system. A comprehensive audit is performed to assess performance of the key development and implementation components of existing systems. The audit summary identifies strengths and opportunities with recommendations to improve the power of the system.

Balanced Scorecard linkage to Incentive Compensation---Services provided to link the Balanced Scorecard to an Incentive Compensation system. The power of the Balanced Scorecard is significantly enhanced when linked to incentive pay.

Balanced Scorecard linkage to Strategic Plan Development----Services provided to perform SWOT analysis and link to Balanced Scorecard implementation and development of the strategic plan.


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