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 Excerpts from Wallis Companies Newsletter

The Balanced Scorecard Year End Recap

 by Mark Martinovich, Chief Operating Officer

We have just completed one of the best years in our company’s history!  My sincere appreciation to everyone for their efforts during the year.  Without a doubt, our 8 respective scorecards tell the story behind the success for the year.  This year has been especially gratifying when you take into account the tremendous industry pressure we have faced, combined with the fact that we rolled out two brand new scorecards.

For the first time in our company’s history, we are poised to have 7 out of 8 scorecard teams exceed their targets at year-end!  Another fantastic accomplishment!  Here is a brief summary of each of the division cards highlights for the year.


  • Reduced break event CPG by 18.8%
  • Exceeded target Car Wash margin by 38.1%
  • Increased Sales Per Labor Hour by 4.01%


  • Increased Total Volume by 7.7%
  • Exceeded Target Fleet Volume by 274.7%
  • Improved Dealer Satisfaction Survey from 61% to 78%

Support Services:

  • Exceeded Benefits Participation to 68.1% versus 65% target
  • Improved Dealer Satisfaction Survey results by 8%.
  • Reduced Gross Expense CPG 5.0%

Great River Wash:

  • Exceeded Target number of Car Washes sold.
  • Exceeded Target number of New Customers by 40.0%
  • Increased Total Revenue by 23.1%


  • Increased EBITDA by 31.1%
  • Improved Perfect Order percent to 97.8% versus 95% Target
  • Exceeded Target New Business Gallons by 55.6%


  • Exceeded percent of Maintenance Budget Target by 10%
  • Reduced Out of Compliance Violations by  -50.0%
  • Exceeded Technician Certification Timeline


  • Increased percent of Own Haul from 66% to 75%
  • Exceeded CFROGI target by 25.0% 
  • Increased Revenue per Tractor by 12.8%


  • Exceeded Volume Target by 2.2%
  • Completed 3-Year Business Plans for all Operating Divisions
  • Reduced Employee Turnover by 6.7%

Thanks again to everyone for all the efforts this past year.  We have very high expectations for the coming year, so please take the time to get involved with the scorecard process and make sure and ask questions if you are unsure of something.  For all those in touch with our customers each and every day, a special thanks for taking such great care of our customers!  We are winning the battle each day by gaining more and more customers from our competition.

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